Put it on the scale to get life on different scales.


Richard (Big RXCH) Joryman III, formally known as PhatMack, & Don Riich was born in Leland, Mississippi. The 'Dirty South' he calls it! Hanging with his good friends everyday for a street football game and good times was everything! But the church house is where he found his love for music. Musically inclined since the age of 5 years old, singing in the choir, learning the piano as well as the organ. By the 8th grade began making beats just before Moving to Las Vegas. Through his high school career he focused on becoming a better writer for his own purpose of expression. In which creatively we can see how this led his foundation for a career in the entertainment business. Venturing into the Las Vegas party scene while still creating his own sound opened his eyes to many different ideas and possibilities. Socially, PhatMack was the life of the party, making flyers and always putting together events for the crowd. Being the GO TO guy has its connections. One of his hidden gems, cutting hair not only had the people feeling fresh but also helped push his music dreams. Don Riich learned that graphic design would not only support his own music career but also found it to be his own expression to help other people to bring forth their creativity. As his undeniable talent grew opportunities presented themselves. Currently residing in Las Vegas, NV and founder and Co C.E.O. of Just Like Dat Productions, Don Riich’s music and design career has enhanced greatly with collaborations from Vegas music natives artist Dizzy Wright, artist/producer Reezy, and more.


Check The Temp

Prod. Big RXCH
Dir. Dre Paiid Filmz
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