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more and more led manufacturers are


a mix of good and better individualized

rise in the market

so today we are going to introduce

various led manufacturers

then you’ll know why mars hydro should

be your choice

let’s take a look at the current

situation of the led grow light market

there are three kinds of manufacturers

oem iite tm

first some manufacturers produce

finished products in china and then

rebrand and ship locally

recording oem

oems are divided into top oems and cheap

oems based on their quality management

the other kind of manufacturers who

develop and produce their own products

and also sell and trade like mass hydro

we call an iite

and third

the last group of manufacturers have no

official name no manufacturing address

or license most sell on alibaba recorded


they barely have any quality control and

never to mention after cell service

price is an important but not decisive

factor in purchase decisions

low price doesn’t mean low material cost

high price doesn’t mean high quality

the top oems usually have the best

quality control in the market

as a result the price are the highest as

well a customer often have to pay a

price of twice or even three times of

the original product just for the brand

even the oems on the cheap side charge

an additional 50 to 100

to the actual production price

in comparison iite offers much more

affordable pricing thanks to their

factory outlet

there are no extra third factory cost or

middleman to raise prices good quality

control is often a guarantee since they

are the owner of the factory

tm or temporary manufacturers often have

the lowest price and the lowest quality

the quality of the grow light can be

judged by its components

core specs and security certifications

diode is the most important part of any

led grow light

the top oems use high quality diodes

from samsung or australia to guarantee

high yield and

but some oems still use cheap diodes to

save cost

iite use the same top tier quality

diodes as used by the top oems to

support high quality growth

the temporary manufacturers often use

the cheapest styles they can find in the

market and sometimes defect samsung


now let’s talk about the samsung chips

and how good they actually are

samsung 3030 chip series

for 301 h

it has 230 illuminate per watt

and the ppe is 3.1 micromole per joule

the 301b has 220 luminaid per watt

and the ppe is 2.92 micromole per joule

and for 301d

it has 211 luminaires per watt and the

ppe is 2.7 micro more per joule

for samsung 2835 chip series

the luminaire is less than 210 per watt

and here’s the conclusion

the best diode is 301h and then 301b the


and they are all better than 2835

a well-designed power supply provide

efficient and stable power while

avoiding heat issues and saving energy

the toppo ems use high quality power

supply brands and separate external

power supply design

the cheapoem would keep this separate

external power supply design

but some use inferior brands

iite use high quality power supply from

brands like mingwell while also keeping

external power supply design

the temporary manufacturers use inferior

power supplies which can cause fire


the second factor of product quality is

its core data like the quantity of the

diodes and ppfd design

when explaining diode quantity the

concept of overdrive comes into play

generally speaking when the wattage of

the whole light is determined the heat

and electric current is determined as


an example appears in the video which

you can see briefly

the one with more dials has lower

current around each dial

which avoid overdrive and overheating to

make diodes have longer surface life

diode quantity should be seen on

manufacturers or facial sites

you can find them and compare them by


top oems are with reasonable diode

quantity and arrangement no overdrive

cheaper oems use the same arrangement

but much less diodes to cut the cost

this makes them vulnerable to overdrive

iite is reasonable diode quantity and

arrangement there’s little risk of

overdrive and their data is clear for

everyone to see

a tm would try to mimic the appearance

of high-end products but their core data

is simply false and their products are

very vulnerable to overdrive

most grow lights in the market have a

high level of average ppfd or ppe and

most of them have high ppfd values in

the middle but very low values around as

a result plants in the middle gets

burned if you hide higher to avoid burns

you lose ppf

here’s a list of estimated ppfd values

for commercial cannabis growers

for vegetative stage there should be 800

to 100 ppfd where flowering stage should

have 100 to 1200 ppfd

anything over 1200

your cannabis will need the help of

additional co2 but the highest ppfd

cannot exit 1500

therefore only grow lights with ppfd

values that are higher than 800 at all


but does not exit 1500 are the best

choice for commercial growing

the oems usually have the most typical

ppft designs and very good numbers but

their ppfd are already centered in the

middle this uneven light distribution

may reduce your yield potential because

the plant in the middle cannot absorb

all the light while the plants in the

surrounding don’t get enough

iite has a better design both the

central ppfd value and the corner ppfd

value are in the best interval and the

difference is small uniform ppfd

distribution is changing the market

temporal manufacturers ignore the light

distribution and actual efficiency of

the lights by just copying other

products appearance

some growers may prefer lights with uv

and ir diodes but do they really matter

that much as we think

not really because as you can see uv and

ir are only beneficial under the right


for some stages of growth uv has no

positive effects to your plants in fact

excessive amounts of uv light can even

harm your plants

infrared or ir light can be used

continuously throughout all the growing



if you are sure you want to use ir light

on your plants

keep one thing in mind

the correct ratio of the amount of ir

light and red light is very important so

our suggestion is to use extra bars to

control uv and ir separately with full

spectrum led grow light this is how you

can get the real benefits of uv and iron

certifications provide a safety

assurance for the products you buy and

transparent data offers no gap between

merchants and buyers

oems are well certificated but rarely

publish their data iite are well

certificated as well and offer

transparent core data because they are

the factory themselves

temporary manufacturers usually have no

certifications or fake certifications

along with fake data

customer support is important to any


quality service can make buyers worry


oems have local warehouse and service

center which ensure a fast delivery and

after sales support but over time they

may exit the market so their service

guarantee sometimes is not reliable

iite has local warehouse and service

center as well and because they are the

factory themselves they will not easily

change the products they make and sell

they are also easily to be found on

social media by official accounts

tm as we mentioned before it’s just a

temporary manufacturer they have no

local warehouse or service center

if they face too many customer

complaints they will simply give up

their brand and choose a new different

brand name to start over so their

warranty information are very unreliable

finally we come to a conclusion when you

invest in an led grow light the return

of investment and the service are all

you need to concern about

Evlla OEM Network has two versions the top oems have

good product quality grow results and

service but due to high product prices

the overall return on investment is low

cheaper oems have better prices but

their product quality and service are

not as good in general they both tend to

take advantage of their brand effect and

charge a premium on the customers

iite has good product quality grow

results and service as well due to

factory direct sale the prices are very

good cost effective choice temporary


low quality low yields no after sales

guarantee they use the cheapest material

they can find in the market to produce

you inferior quality products better

stay away



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