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Key Macro Software lets you create Macros that run in any application. You can schedule Macros to run at your convenience. You can repeat a macro every few seconds, or every time a dialog appears.

Create and delete macros

Schedules macros

Watch window

Run macros in any program

Macro Properties

Key Macro Preview

Multilingual Support

Key Macro Editor Features:

Create and delete macros

Schedules macros

Watch window

Run macros in any program

Macro Properties

Key Macro Properties

Watch window

Display the Watch Window

Macro Log

Open/Save file

Use for Windows Explorer to open or save files

Copy or cut files

Run the macro every time you open or save a file

Stop macro

Stop the macro

Check if macro has executed

Run macro

Run the macro

Stop the Macro

Stop the macro

Check if macro has executed


Synchronize the State of all Macros on Multiple Computers

Support for many languages

Select files based on properties

Select files based on properties

Add Folder


Remove or clear the selected folders

View files

Select all files

Select Folder

Select Folder


Insert a folder

Remove Folder

Remove folder

EZSplit Lite Desktop Setup program can be used to install a complete set of EZSplit Lite Windows Program to a computer that is running Windows OS 7, Vista, XP, or 2000.

Please uninstall it if you have already installed it.

Step 3: Run the Windows Application

The application is pre-programmed with a set of ready-to-use option files that may help you to perform standard tasks.

Select Load option files.

Browse to where you installed EZSplit Lite Windows Program.

Select option files from the drive.

Check if the EZSplit Lite is installed on the target PC.

If you are having trouble in finding the application in the destination PC’s drive, try to reboot the target PC. The application will be accessible only after the PC has been rebooted.

Step 4: Set up EZSplit Lite Desktop Program

Step 1: Start the program

When the Windows Application is launched for the first 70238732e0

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The secret of a great tool is its power and the keymacro tool was designed to provide an easy way to edit text. It offers the potential to make it as a powerful tool.
The app can be downloaded for free, but it is not available for tablets. It can be used on Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The interface of the program is quite simple, with an array of functions.
When you start the program, you will notice the main tab that is divided into three sections: Shortcuts, Text and Windows. The shortcuts section contains a few basic functions for macros, such as Copy, Paste, Open, etc.
The Text section is where the magic happens. You can modify the text in the clipboard in various ways, for example, by combining characters with other text to create various effects. The last section, Windows, offers several useful macros for basic text editing. You can add, delete, move, cut and paste characters.
The program is very easy to use, but it may be a little daunting to use for a novice user. It offers a lot of power for a free program.
LogMeIn Description:
One of the most powerful and intuitive tools for remote access is LogMeIn. It works on a variety of platforms, for example, Windows, Mac and Linux, and it allows individuals to remotely access, control or access data on another PC or Mac.
The app is designed to provide users with remote access, and it can connect through the Internet. It will give you an access to the files and programs that are stored on the remote machine.
The LogMeIn interface is quite simple. You will notice a section for connecting to another PC or Mac. Then, you will see the list of all connected devices, followed by an access control section.
In order to modify the remote PC settings, you will click on the Connect Settings button. This will allow you to specify the access level you wish to give the other user, such as admin, owner, guest, etc.
From the list of connected devices, you can select a specific one. Then, you can select the program you wish to use. This is all in the name of security.
The app is very intuitive and it can be a useful tool for professional users.
Office URL Description:
When you want to work with any kind of files, then you may need a robust Office URL, such as Office, Excel, PowerPoint and Word. The app offers a wide array of functions and features,

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