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1) Presentation Aide is a software tool to make your life easier for displaying presentation of your content to your audience.
It can be used to do things such as prepare presentation slides, display a web page, to play videos, play music, drawing and write on a whiteboard. It is easy to use. Just insert a projector, then click on a window to display on the projector. Presentation Aide can also project on a DVD-RW or CD-RW media. And it can do some auto repeating and transition effects.
2) Presentation Aide provides various tools for presentations, such as Presentation, Memorandum, Screen Mark and Whiteboard.
3) Presentation Aide has also one feature of Screen Lock, you can lock the display on the display area by mouse click. You can still use the other tools to do things, but you can do nothing else on the display area.
4) If you want to use Presentation Aide without computer, you can still do things by the tool. The projection can be done by using a pen and paper, or by using a cell phone.
5) Presentation Aide is a wonderful presentation tool that is easy to use, you can do various things with it. The result is a great presentation experience for the audience.Q:

How to detect of the project is closed by the user or the application?

I am working on a Java Project in IntelliJ.
The project have a main function which is run at start and is controlled by a class.
The project is configured to run on the server where the application is installed.
The project is close by the user.
I don’t know how I can detect if the user close the project or the application start to close it by itself?
thanks for help.


I suspect you’re looking for the System.exit(…) method. There is a corresponding System.exit(int) method that accepts a numerical exit code.


Why aren’t we using K-Vec when constructing our convolutions?

I have been watching some of the lecture series on CNNs (Coursera) and have noticed that a few convolutions are being performed without using a K-Vec. I’m not sure why this is the case, as I understand that having separate depth-weights and width-weights makes them more trainable. Are there any downsides to using only separate depth 70238732e0

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Calculor is a lightweight application that features a very simple and streamlined user interface. The program is designed to let you perform simple mathematical calculations and is ideal for adding up your bill at a restaurant or for simple arithmetic, but it also comes with other capabilities that make it an all-rounder that can be used for a variety of tasks.
In addition to the ability to do basic arithmetic operations, Calculor enables you to easily insert trigonometrical functions. For example, it can calculate the trigonometrical sums for sine, cosine, and tangent. Although the available functions are limited, the application is easy to use, making it an excellent choice for basic calculations.
Aside from calculations, Calculor can also be used to enter expressions, with a focus on allowing you to write in mathematical equations. The form of the equations varies, however, as Calculor recognizes the following functions and constants: sin, cos, tan, arctan, pi, e, 2, pi, pi, ln, log, and sqrt.
The application has a simple, clean interface with only one button: the add button. Once you click this, a text field appears on your screen where you can enter a number or a mathematical expression. To insert a new number, you simply type it in the text field and then press enter to get the result. When you enter the values for the functions, the Calculator will instantly display the result.
Calculator Pricing:
Calculator is free to use, but it has limited functionality and comes with only a basic calculator. If you need a more feature-rich and powerful application, you can also opt for the paid version of the software which is available for $7.95.

Two popular alternatives are:
1) OneNote – A WYSIWYG writer’s editor, designed for your needs, with editable areas on the page, internal styles, and other great features. This includes special features such as: conditional formatting, advanced drawing tools, timeline, the ability to add your own stamps and shapes, and more.
2) – Evernote – A virtual notebook that allows you to capture information in a visual and searchable format, and then access it from any device.

OneNote Pricing:
OneNote Standard (for Single User): $69.00

Free Preview: OneNote Standard – $69.00

OneNote Professional (for Multiple Users): $99.00



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