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# Win-sshfs is a lightweight software application that comes with several
# straightforward features in order to help you mount remote file systems
# via SFTP protocol and work with them just as Windows drives.
# Clean and simple looks
# The tool sports an intuitive GUI and reveals a well-organized set of
# features. Although there’s no help manual included in the package, you
# can easily get an idea about how this utility works. The app integrates
# all of its functions into a single layout, so it doesn’t hide anything
# complicated under its hood.
# Win-sshfs can be found most of time sitting quietly in the system tray.
# It runs in the background without disturbing you. The main panel can be
# opened with a single click on the program’s icon from the system tray.
# If you perform a right-click on the tray icon, you get to choose between
# several features, namely reveal the primary window, mount or unmount
# drives, and make the tool run at Windows startup.
# Mount remote file systems on Windows
# win-sshfs gives you the possibility to build up a list with multiple remote
# file systems and tweak each connection by providing details about the
# name, host, port number and username, picking the authentication method
# (password or private key), and entering the password or adding the private
# key file.
# What’s more, you are allowed to provide your desired mount point in the
# directory field, select the drive letter, mount the current remote file
# system at login and save the configuration settings for the newly created
# drive. Additionally, the tool lets you easily remove the selected file
# system from the list.
# With just one click on the ‘Mount’ button, your virtual server’s file
# system can be accessed via My Computer as the drive letter you have
# chosen during the setup process.
# The best part about the mounting process is that you can use the remote
# server just as a locally mounted storage. You can create, copy, edit or
# perform other file system operations.
# Smart, simple and efficient SSH client
All in all, you shouldn’t judge win-sshfs after its looks because it gets the job done quickly and without investing a lot of time into it.

win-sshfs Free Download is a free 0cd6e936a3

Free download RDPPortChanger and run it on your computer.

Once the free application is installed, you can choose to run it manually or make it to run automatically when Windows starts.
You can also select the compatibility mode for the executable and the program will be automatically updated when a new version of the software becomes available.
In this respect, RDPPortChanger is one of the best free utilities we have discovered, as the installed file can be installed and updated using the built-in Windows update.
You can also disable RDPPortChanger so it does not start automatically.
The executable file for RDPPortChanger has a size of 1.06 MB on average, which is relatively small.
The current version of RDPPortChanger is and it is available for download free of charge.

What’s in this version :

Requirements :

Supported OS : Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Compatibility : 32bit or 64bit.

Download RDPPortChanger

RDPPortChanger is a program you can use to change the RDP Port without any installation. It does not require any restart. Simply double click the RDPPortChanger icon to start the utility and follow the instructions on the screen. It’s very easy to use and it does not require any previous installation or registration.


Change Remote Desktop Protocol port number

Automatically restart computer when changes are applied

Run RDPPortChanger on demand (Windows start-up and shutdown)Q:

Stop Acumatica children window from running when processing starts

We have a child window that opens when the user selects a line item from a parent window, this then takes us to a details window.
The user can also optionally be taken back to the parent window to change their selection.
This all works fine, the child window runs, we save some data and return to the parent window.
When the user comes back to the parent window we want to ensure that the children window is gone and that the user is taken straight back to the parent window. However, we need to use this in Acumatica 2013.1
We do not want to open the children window

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