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So you don’t have to be Gandhi, a Barrack, Osama bin Laden, or any conventional form of leader to be an advocate. The UNEP report notes that action on carbon dioxide is not going to have a discernible influence on the climate system until perhaps mid-century (see the figure at the top of this post). If carbon dioxide and other long-lived greenhouse gases were not building up in the atmosphere, we would not be particularly worried about the climate effect from the short-lived gases and aerosols. These climate changes have significant impacts. If we eliminated emissions of methane and black carbon, but did nothing about carbon dioxide we would have delayed but not significantly reduce long-term threats posed by climate change. Consequently, action on non-carbon dioxide forcings is very much independent of action on carbon dioxide — they address climatic causes and consequences on very different timescales, and thus probably should not even be conflated to begin with. There are a host of reasons to worry about the climatic effects of non-CO2 forcings beyond long-term climate change. Presumably by “climate effect” Caldeira means the long-term consequences of human actions on the global climate system — that is, climate change.

Indeed, accumulating carbon dioxide is a very important issue (consider that my focus in The Climate Fix is carbon dioxide, but I also emphasize that the carbon dioxide issue is not the same thing as climate change), but it is not the only issue. That something else will be the intensive focus on the climate debate. For the next several years the focus of my work is not going to be on climate issues, but rather, issues associated with innovation and technology, with energy only a small part of that focus. In fact, Monahan said 1,441 Kentucky inmates are serving an average sentence of 11 years for an underlying offense classified as only a Class D felony, the lowest level felony offense under state law. Needs intense remediation to catch up as he is 5 grades behind in reading level. All in all, I realised what it truly means to understand and accommodate to the diversity of our community.

When Joe, a now retired principal in Ann Arbor, Mich., attended and spoke at a community-based rally against racism, he earned the trust and credibility of the black community. In contrast, if we eliminated carbon dioxide emissions but did nothing about methane and black carbon emissions, threats posed by long-term climate change would be markedly reduced. Black carbon primarily because they are exacerbating the threats posed by carbon dioxide. Advocates for action on carbon dioxide are quick to frame discussions narrowly in terms of long-term climate change and the primary role of carbon dioxide. Additionally, a number of recommendations were shared by survivors for the effective use of technology in advocacy services, including: the importance of quick responses in technology facilitated processes; the importance of thinking about the packaging and messaging of technology facilitated interfaces to enhance personalization and warmth; and the role that technology can play in educating emerging adults about healthy and unhealthy relationships and the process of seeking help. As a result of the introduction of digital technology in advanced farming in past few years, farmers’ approaches to crop treatment and field management have been altered significantly.

Comments will still be cleared, but please have patience if it is slow. For the second phase of the mayor’s plan, which started Thursday, task force members will evaluate their past work and schedule another round of site visits. As readers of this blog will well know, for the past several years I have focused intensively on the climate issue with near daily postings on various aspects of the issue. Seven years have gone and yet no evidence in support of this assertion has been presented. One could argue about which is most worthy based on number of cases, years of life lost, etc., but in the end it’s clear that both diseases are worth combating and any ranking of one over the other is a value judgement. There is also a value judgement inherent in any suggestion that CO2 is the only real forcer that matters or that steps to reduce soot and ozone are ‘almost meaningless’. However, saying CO2 is the only thing that matters implies that the near-term climate impacts I’ve just outlined have no value at all, which I don’t agree with.

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