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Windows Disk Cleaner Free is a powerful disk utility for cleaning Windows disks, undelete partitions and files from Windows hard drive. It can also recover deleted data from Recycle Bin and remove orphaned empty space from disk drive.
Windows Disk Cleaner Free Features:
1. Undelete partition from Windows hard drive.
2. Recover deleted files from Recycle Bin.
3. Removes orphaned empty space on Windows hard drive.
4. Shows the details of file system.
5. Fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 8/8.1/10/7/Vista/XP/2003/2000.

Installing, uninstalling and updating

This application has no update option, but if you go to the Azure portal and use the VM Remover, this is a no brainer. After opening the Azure VM Remover app, select the Delete button and follow the prompts to do the job.

If you are removing a machine that has any components attached to it, the application will ask you whether you want to keep or to delete the components. This is a very smart move on Microsoft’s part, as it makes you look twice before you commit to deleting a VM.

Azure VM Remover Summary

Azure VM Remover has some nice features but it’s a little buggy at times. That said, this could be a great tool for fast VM clean-up and removal.

It allows you to remotely delete a single VM or a pool of VMs.

You can select a VHD and delete it, or you can select a VHD from the Azure portal and delete it.

You can delete a single VM and delete all its components with a single click.

The tool runs in a very clean, uncluttered interface and works as smooth as butter.

Though you can remotely delete a VM with ease, deleting it physically from the Azure portal is a bit time consuming.

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Windows Disk Cleaner Free is a powerful disk utility for cleaning Windows disks, undelete partitions and files from Windows hard drive. It can also recover deleted data from Recycle Bin.It can also remove orphaned empty space from disk drive. There are many functions that can help to clean your Windows disk and recover deleted files from Windows PC hard drive.

Windows Disk Cleaner Free Features

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* Browse and watch TV stations from all over the world
* Play the full list of TV stations available
* Use a category system to easily find your favorite channels
* Set your favorite ones as “treat me once” and then they are instantly available to you
* Streamable videos play fullscreen
* Quality of video streams depends on the connection speed

Expected Bugs:
* Must find a way to save settings on refresh and reload.

Most of us are at least familiar with streaming technology. Whether we use it to listen to the radio, watch our favorite movies or catch sports matches, streaming media brings us entertainment from virtually anywhere on the Internet.
Since we have grown up with this technology, it is difficult for us to imagine life without it.
If you don’t have it, we are going to offer you one of the few applications that can solve your problem.
BitTorrent Live is exactly what the title suggests: a streaming app that lets you watch any web site and any video that is being streamed from the Internet in real time.
There is nothing you can not find in BitTorrent Live, so, if you are interested in watching live content, BitTorrent Live should be your go-to solution.
That is a broad definition of streaming, so the app also lets you access several different online services. In our case, we tried the Xbox Live service, which is a live streaming app for games and movies, and also the Vimeo service, which is a video sharing site.
It’s interesting to note that both of them use the same technology as BitTorrent Live, which is the HTTP Live Streaming standard.
So, if you are looking for a convenient solution to view live content on the Internet, the app will be right at your fingertips.
Of course, it might be less convenient to use this app, since you have to have an active Internet connection in order to view streaming content.
But that is not the case for BitTorrent Live, since this application works in a more basic way.
Once the app is installed on your computer, you can watch any video being streamed from the Internet and see it in real time on your screen. The downside of this technology is that BitTorrent Live uses more bandwidth than a simple streaming solution such as VLC.
If you are willing to trade some quality for convenience, then BitTorrent Live should be your go-to streaming app.
BitTorrent Live Description:
* Watch live streaming video from anywhere with fast,

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