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Keymacro program is designed for help users who use the keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse. It can add a lot of functionality to your computer by using keyboard shortcuts.
Keymacro supports multiple languages: English, Chinese, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and much more. If you prefer a quick software solution for your text adventures, you will love Keymacro!
Keymacro stores your macros and settings on the hard disk, so you will never have to configure it again. Keymacro allows you to:
Add new rules
Save and load macros
Add and delete keyboard shortcut of existing rules
Edit keys and toggle off particular keys
You can set a modifier key and command key, choose the number of times to repeat the command (For example, if you press the key, it will be executed 1 time and you can set it between 1 and 10 times), choose a delay between commands.
Keymacro is the only software, which is able to display shortcuts from English and non-English languages on the same list. In addition, the shortcut lists are sorted by date and time of last use.
Supports multiple languages and keyboard layouts, from Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, German, French, and many others
KEYMACRO Features:
The interface of this program is quite easy to understand. In fact, you don’t have to read the manual. There is just one button to press, and the rest is explained in the notes.
The program stores all your macros in the keymap on the hard disk, which saves you the hassle of adding them every time you start.
Once you have created the macro, you can use it as you wish; for example, you can switch from windows (Alt+Tab) to tabs (Ctrl+Tab), or launch a software (Win+R)
It is an easy program to use and configure.
A utility allows you to copy and paste macros from different languages at once
You can restore the default keys or disable them
If you use the program for a long time, you may want to create a new user. In fact, to do that, click on Settings, and then Options and then Register a New User.
Start Menu key macros:
Run a program using Windows Start Menu key:
Start Menu key (Win+E): Scan for a program in a particular folder, or add a program from the Internet and add it to the Program Files folder.
Programs folder 70238732e0

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1. View 3D (Digital Modeling, CAD)
2. Analyze the Wall Resistance (Upset value)
3. Simulation of Earthquake (virtual events)
4. Visible and Un-visible Gaping
5. Output & Data Export
It provides a permanent data of the number of inputs and outputs for each gabion, the type of input, number of supports, force of support, weight per square meter, dimension, width of the gabion and number of inputs and outputs of each gabion.
It measures and calculates the resistance of the walls and gives the results in terms of pounds and feet per square foot. It calculates the energy per square foot. The simulations allow you to monitor the gabion damage and start the repair project accordingly.
So, with Geostru Software GDW you will be able to see your gabions in 3D and identify whether there is leakage or not. You will also be able to measure the resistance in pounds and measure the number of inputs and outputs for each gabion.
So, with Geostru Software GDW, you will be able to monitor the gabion capacity and will be able to make your gabions more secure and strong.
Geostru Software GDW is available for download at a cost of $29.95
Visit Geostru Software site for more:

Please feel free to contact me for any related information. I would be happy to answer any question you may have.

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The Pope’s message for Peace
Holy Father Francis’ Message For Peace
“Refugees are victims of war. To them I wish to convey my
concern and offer my humble solidarity. I feel the weight of my
heart when I see migrants fleeing from the conflicts of their
homeland in search of a new life elsewhere. I invite all of us to
think about this new phenomenon which in many ways is related to
globalisation and the effects of its erosion, which manifests
itself in the form of unemployment, economic recession and a
reduction in the purchasing power of the people. I ask us to be
more attentive to the increasingly serious problems created by
poverty and the lack of access to basic human rights.


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